Accelerating Customer Transformation at the Center of Multi-Cloud | Dell (2024)

Accelerating Customer Transformation at the Center of Multi-Cloud | Dell (1)Accelerating Customer Transformation at the Center of Multi-Cloud | Dell (2)


Customers are unleashing innovation and using a multi-cloud approach to disrupt the status quo.

By Bill Scannell |

Today, Dell Technologies announced our first quarter FY23 results – a record first quarter off the heels of a record year, with $26.1B in revenue, up 16%, and balanced growth across our Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) and Client Solutions Group (CSG). We’re proud of this success, especially in today’s environment. Our customers are prioritizing their digital futures and we’re grateful to be their trusted partner. Together with our channel and Global Alliances partners, we’re helping to accelerate customer transformations across the globe.

At Dell Technologies World, we showcased our software innovation and cybersecurity expertise, with announcements spanning our multi-cloud and storage portfolio. We also highlighted the amazing ways our customers’ investments are putting them at the center of the multi-cloud world, enabling them to transform their businesses — and their industries. Customers like CVS Health, USAA, GM and Boeing are unleashing innovation and growing both productivity and sustainability, with a multi-cloud approach that helps secure their environment and scale their delivery.

Take USAA, for example. We’re working with them to provide a secure multi-cloud platform for developing applications and services for its members, while they leverage AI and ML to provide those products and services to members when they need them the most. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Vault is part of USAA’s layered defense, protecting their environment, data and applications. The Town of Gilbert, AZ is also using PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Vault to protect against ransomware and cyberattacks, provide resiliency and restore business operations quickly, if necessary.

Every day we’re helping customers create competitive advantage from their multi-cloud environments and IT investments. That’s why building the multi-cloud ecosystem of the future is such a focus for us. Our partnership with Snowflake is a great example. We’re helping customers bring data to Snowflake Data Services within their Dell storage environment – and for the first time, bring Snowflake data services on-premises. That’s just one way we’re leading customers into their digital futures.

Here are a few more ways we’re partnering with our customers and accelerating transformation to help them better deliver for their customers:

APEX momentum continues with as-a-Service delivery that helps our customers scale and speed time-to-value. ATN International, a global provider of digital infrastructure and communications services based in the U.S., is using APEX Hybrid Cloud and the APEX Cloud Console to drive IT services and support across its multiple telecom subsidiaries.

We’re working with SK Telecom (SKT) in South Korea to expand its global 5G ecosystem, recently introducing Petasus, a new enterprise 5G mobile edge computing solution. It’s built with SKT’s 5G MEC solution and Dell PowerEdge servers and gives enterprises the ability to quickly act on data where it resides, at the edge, to deliver better business outcomes.

At Hyundai Motor Group, we’re providing the technology platform for its Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore (HMGICS). Backed by PowerEdge servers and Dell Technologies storage and data protection solutions, Hyundai will use the Center to construct a metaverse-based Digital Twin factory to optimize plant operations. It will act as a collaboration hub for designing and building sustainable vehicles of the future.

We’re helping to power the ALMA Observatory in Chile as it captures and processes high-quality datasets of observations from space, accelerating science and human progress. PowerEdge servers process large volumes of data quickly and efficiently. ALMA relies on Dell PowerScale storage to safely and securely store 400TB of data per year.

Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) announced that it will launch Ascend later this year, a new Dell Technologies high performance computing cluster with powerful PowerEdge XE8545 servers and advanced NVIDIA graphics processing units. The Ascend supercomputer will support artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics.

Meeting with customers and working with them to deliver technology to advance their businesses and industries is what I love about my job. And I’m continuously inspired by the way our customers are using Dell Technologies solutions to disrupt the status quo and drive human progress. I’ve never been more excited about the opportunities ahead of us. I look forward to continuing as a trusted partner for our customers as we shape the future together.

About the Author: Bill Scannell

Bill Scannell is president of Global Sales & Customer Operations at Dell Technologies, heading an organization of nearly 30,000 sales team members, including Channel, OEM, Global Alliances and Specialty Sales. Bill is responsible for go-to-market (GTM) strategy and driving global growth by delivering Dell Technologies solutions to organizations in established and new markets in 180 countries around the world.

Accelerating Customer Transformation at the Center of Multi-Cloud | Dell (2024)


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