Best 5 autoparts online stores in Germany (2024)

Germany's renowned automotive industry makes it a prime spot for sourcing high-quality auto parts. Whether you're upgrading, maintaining, or searching for rare components, Germany's online auto parts market has you covered. Discover the best places to shop for auto parts online and find exactly what you need for your vehicle.

Germany's online auto parts market offers an impressive selection of high-quality components, perfect for upgrading, maintaining, or finding rare parts for your vehicle. With a variety of reputable stores to choose from, you can easily find exactly what you need.


Best 5 autoparts online stores in Germany (1)

As a well-established online auto parts store, is known for its vast inventory of over 3 million parts and a user-friendly website. They offer free shipping within Germany for orders over €120 and ship to many European countries. Customers highly rate the store for its comprehensive selection and detailed product descriptions.

Key Facts

  • Extensive inventory of over 3 million parts
  • Free shipping on orders to Germany over 120€, otherwise flat rate of 6.90€
  • Extended right of return for 365 days
  • Delivery to some European countries including Austria, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Denmark (for worldwide shipping ShipGerman can help, read more)

2. Bandel Online

Best 5 autoparts online stores in Germany (2) specializes in auto parts and accessories, offering a robust selection at reasonable prices. They provide free shipping in Germany and ship to various European countries. Positive feedback from customers highlights affordability and good customer service.

Key Facts

  • Smaller inventory of 500.000 parts
  • Free shipping even on smaller orders
  • Customer service by phone and WhatsApp
  • International shipping to most European countries (for worldwide deliveries ShipGerman can help, read more)

3. ATP Autoteile

Best 5 autoparts online stores in Germany (3)

Known for its large selection and fast shipping times, offers free shipping in Germany on orders over €50 and ships to numerous European countries. Customer reviews are favorable, noting quick shipping and reliable parts.

Key Facts

  • Free shipping on orders over 99€
  • Free returns for 180 days
  • Customer service only by e-Mail
  • Delivery to most European countries (for worldwide shipping ShipGerman can help, read more)

4. AutoDoc

Best 5 autoparts online stores in Germany (4) is a major player in the online auto parts market, with an extensive selection of over 5.8 million parts and competitive prices. They offer free shipping on orders over €120 within Germany and ship to over 26 countries worldwide. Customers generally have positive experiences, praising the variety of products and customer support.

Key Facts

  • Free shipping to Germany on orders over 120€, otherwise 6.95€
  • Paid option to prolong return timeframe to 200 days
  • Customer service by live chat
  • Delivery to most European countries (for worldwide shipping ShipGerman can help, read more)

5. Amazon

Best 5 autoparts online stores in Germany (5)

Amazon is a global marketplace with a vast selection of auto parts and accessories from many top brands. Shipping costs vary by seller, but free shipping is often available with Prime. Amazon ships worldwide and generally receives positive reviews for convenience and fast shipping.

Key Facts

  • Vast selection of autoparts and other items, prices tend to be a bit higher than on the specialized stores
  • Fast shipping and free delivery on orders over 39€
  • Relaxed returns policy for up to 30 days

6. Daparto

Best 5 autoparts online stores in Germany (6) is a price comparison website and marketplace for auto parts, helping customers find the best deals across multiple retailers. Shipping costs and policies vary by retailer, and customer feedback is positive for the ease of use and finding good deals.

Key Facts

  • Aggregates parts from numerous retailers
  • Helps find the best prices
  • Shipping costs, available shipping destinations and policies vary by retailer

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Used parts

A great opportunity to save on car parts is by buying them used. However, it is essential to purchase from reliable sellers to ensure the quality and longevity of the parts. Here are our two recommendations for where to get the most for your money while still receiving parts that will last: is a leading online marketplace for used car parts in Europe. They offer a wide range of components from various makes and models, ensuring you can find the parts you need at a fraction of the cost of new ones. Their platform is user-friendly, making it easy to search for and identify the exact parts you require. Customers appreciate the quality and reliability of the parts, which undergo thorough checks before being listed.


RRR.LT is another excellent source for used car parts, offering an extensive inventory from multiple suppliers across Europe. Known for their stringent quality control, RRR.LT ensures that all parts meet high standards before being shipped to customers. Their competitive prices and reliable shipping options make them a popular choice among car owners looking for cost-effective solutions. Customer reviews highlight the durability and performance of the parts, making RRR.LT a trusted name in the used car parts market. Shipping is available to most European countries.

Get worldwide shipping for used car parts

Classic and historical parts

While the above stores do cover most classical requirements for auto parts there are also some specialized shops focusing on fulfilling specific needs for historical cars. To make sure they keep running check out the parts provided by those original manufacurer stores:

Audi Tradition Store

Audi Tradition offers genuine parts for Audi vehicles, ensuring authenticity and top-notch quality. Customer reviews are highly favorable, noting the reliability and excellence of their parts. International shipping tends to be rather expensive, so it may be more cost-effective to order to your personal German address ShipGerman provides you with and have us ship these items internationally.

Mercedes-Benz Classic Parts

Mercedes Benz Classic provides authentic parts specifically for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Unfortunately this store only offers delivery within Germany, however you can still receive your order worldwide through ShipGerman. Customers give excellent reviews for the high quality and reliability of their parts, making it a trusted source for maintaining and restoring classic Mercedes vehicles.

Volkswagen Classic Parts

Volkswagen also provides an authentic classic parts store for Volkswagen vehicles. The store delivers to most EU countries, but does not ship outside the EU. Customers highlight the quality of the parts and the great customer service.

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Worldwide shipping for Auto Parts

While many stores serve multiple European countries, the selection of available items can be restricted by licensing agreements or the shop's inability to ship worldwide.

ShipGerman is a service that provides customers with a vast selection of international shipping options, from economical choices to super-fast express deliveries. We are experts in international shipping and can help you receive your purchases from Germany, no matter where you are in the world.

We provide you with a completely free German delivery address, allowing you to order from any German or European Union online store. We receive, re-pack, and forward your items worldwide through our trusted carriers, including Deutsche Post, DHL Express, and UPS, ensuring you receive your parcel as affordably as possible.

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Best 5 autoparts online stores in Germany (2024)
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