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City Scavenger Hunt Locations | Scavenger Hunts by Let's Roam (3)

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Top Rated4.3 (23 reviews)Roots of RacineRacine, WisconsinJourney through the fascinating past of a forward-thinking city! Learn More

Explore any city

Fun in any city

With over 3050+ locations in 27 countries you can explore and have fun in your hometown or a new city! See a list of all our cities. Choose your city on the day of the hunt, not when you buy.

A unique city

Our goal is to make sure you have a fun, unique experience with every scavenger hunt. You'll learn about major sites and hidden gems in your city while completing fun photo challenges and activities.

City Scavenger Hunt Locations | Scavenger Hunts by Let's Roam (6)

City Scavenger Hunt Locations | Scavenger Hunts by Let's Roam (7)

An epic experience

Explore the city

Find the best sights in your city with your group and answer questions that can only be found in-person hidden on plaques, statues, art, and more.

Photo challenges & activities

Each person will have an interactive role and will receive photo challenges and fun activities to do with the rest of the group. Get points for the best photos!

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How it works

Our team of expert writers and on-the-ground adventurers found the must-sees and hidden secrets in 3,000+ cities worldwide (Including 50+ activities in the California region). On your scavenger hunt, your team will walk around the city, making discoveries, earning points for every challenge you complete using our award winning application.

City Scavenger Hunt Locations | Scavenger Hunts by Let's Roam (8)

Access the ultimate adventure

Our scavenger hunts are unforgettable experiences that help you create new memories!

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Why Do A Scavenger Hunt With Us?

Every scavenger hunt, whether in your home or outside, is designed to bring teams together. Outdoor hunts are a fun way to explore with your friends and family and help groups see the city in an exciting new way. Our In-Home hunts are designed to help kill boredom and help you learn more about each other. Be prepared to learn something new and have a great time. Our software helps us customize your scavenger hunt to your tastes as you solve clues. At the end of your hunt, you'll be ready to do it in another city! Get Your Tickets or Gifts

How Outdoor Scavenger Hunts Work

Your scavenger hunt will lead your group across town to the best-known landmarks as well as hidden gems. Along the way, you and your teammates will complete fun photo challenges, test your knowledge of local trivia, and solve riddles that will bring your entire group together. by Let's Roam is a great way to explore a new city or learn more about an old favorite. Learn how it works.

Are Your Outdoor Scavenger Hunts Covid Safe?

Yes, our scavenger hunts are socially distant and outdoors. Questions are hidden on plaques, statues, and more outside. You won’t enter buildings and will only interact with your family/friend bubble. These wacky walking adventures are the perfect way to explore in a safe manner. Your group can pause at any time and take a break. Challenges are often off the beaten path and away from heavily trafficked tourist attractions.

How Do In-Home Scavenger Hunts Work?

Our one-of-a-kind in-home scavenger hunts help you, your friends, family or date explore, discover, and connect. All you’ll need is your phone, your team, and your home. The interactive Let’s Roam app will present you with a series of challenges and questions ranging in difficulty and point value.

Why It's The Perfect Gift

Our scavenger hunt tickets are flexible and can be used in any of our locations for up to two years. When you purchase as a gift you will receive an instant printable card for the recipient.

How Long is a Scavenger Hunt?

Our scavenger hunts take about 2 hours. You can pause your scavenger hunt if you'd like to explore a stop on the hunt or get drinks/food along the way.

When Can I Do The Hunt?

Whenever you're ready to explore! If you're doing an outdoor hunt, daylight may help you find some clues, you can go any day, any time (even holidays). You will never be asked to go inside buildings on your hunt, so you don't have to worry about business hours. No reservation is required for groups of less than 20.

Does everyone need an interactive role?

During your hunt each person will be texted photo challenges, trivia, and other activities for everyone to do together. We recommend purchasing a role for everyone in your group and kids over 6. If a person doesn't have their own device, you can have up to 4 roles on a single device. Our app will let you know when to pass the device to them when it's their turn.

What is the full list of all the scavenger hunts and activities that I can do in Racine

There are quire a few scavenger hunts and activities that we offer in , here is a full list: Racine Wisconsin Scavenger Hunt: Roots of Racine, Racine Bachelorette Party Ideas, Racine Wisconsin Tours, Racine Corporate Team Building Activities, and Racine Birthday Party Ideas

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Racine Wisconsin Things To Do

  • Racine Wisconsin Scavenger Hunt: Roots of Racine
  • Racine Bachelorette Party Ideas
  • Racine Corporate Team Building Activities
  • Racine Birthday Party Ideas
  • Racine Wisconsin Tours


City Scavenger Hunt Locations | Scavenger Hunts by Let's Roam (12)City Scavenger Hunt Locations | Scavenger Hunts by Let's Roam (13)City Scavenger Hunt Locations | Scavenger Hunts by Let's Roam (14)

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City Scavenger Hunt Locations | Scavenger Hunts by Let's Roam (2024)
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