CS2 Aim Training: How to Get Better at Aiming (2024)

Want to train your aim in CS2 like the pros? This is what you need to do!

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“Losers complain, winners train!”

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What to pay attention to in CS2?

Counter-Strike Global Offensive or CSGO for short, has been around since 2012 and is the direct successor of Counter Strike 1.6, the mother of all competitive tactical shooters. CS2 was released recently - in September 2023, and is the latest addition to the CS family!It's important to realize that CSGO owes its lasting popularity to several factors: professional e-sports league, dedicated community and most importantly - the sophisticated gameplay it offers. CS2 will follow in its footsteps!It might look rather easy at a first glance, but as any CSGO player knows, CS2 takes a week to learn but a decade to master, just like CSGO!The gameplay of CS2 itself is pretty straightforward as both teams “terrorist” and “counter-terrorists” compete against each other in multiple 5v5 bomb planting rounds. The terrorists need to plant a bomb on a certain location on the map while the counter-terrorists need to prevent this.

When we look at the required skills for playing this game at a higher level an in-depth understanding of used meta strategies, effective team communication and map knowledge are key.

When we zoom-in on the mechanical aim skill set - reaction speed, crosshair placement, angle peeking and weapon spread & recoil management are the most important towards individual success. This has everything to do with the very low time to kill (TTK) in this game where every millisecond gained or lost can be the difference between a win or a loss. That is why individual player reaction time has a huge impact at the very top of the competitive ladder.

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How to get better aim in CS2 with 3D Aim Trainer?

To practice your aim effectively you first need to know what are the best exercises on 3D Aim Trainer for this game.

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Get Better in CS2 with this 4-Week Aim Training Course

When it comes to aim trainer routines there is one golden rule you need to follow in order to really improve your aim and benefit from the service we provide: Frequent daily training will give better results than training once a week for 5 hours straight. That’s why it’s called a routine.

Below is the most efficient Aim Training guide created to help you start improving your CS2 aim today! For the best results, be consistent and make sure you hit the required threshold before continuing to the next exercise!

Remember: Start with the basic difficulty levels where available! When you get Gold medal on all Basic levels - move to the Intermediate difficulty. It's normal to advance faster in some levels while you struggle in others.

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CS2 key features

  • Multiple 5v5 bomb planting rounds
  • Credit-based weapon economy
  • Strategizing and team organization
  • Mostly linear CS2 map layouts
  • Very low Time to Kill

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Required skills

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What to train for your CS2 Aim?

The decisive factor when it comes to aim training routines for this game is for sure the very low time to kill. This puts the requirements in the direction of:

  • Increasing your reaction speed
  • Achieving accurate aim flick shots
  • Dominating weapon spread and recoil
  • Learning to anticipate the best crosshair placements

This means you will have to concentrate on skills like aim flicking, click timing and target switching. You can easily practice them on 3D Aim Trainer as it provides all of the necessary exercises for a proper CS2 Aim Trainer! You can learn about why exercising matters below:

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Recoil & Spread

CS2 demands that you learn how to use your weapon! Spray pattern, damage per shot, rates of fire - they all matter. In CS2 you don't want to spray your whole clip only to realize the enemy is still alive.

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Make sure you study the CS2 maps very carefully. This will help you realize where your enemy can appear so you can position your crosshair appropriately.

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Aim Reaction Speed

Avoid aiming way too low or too high above the enemy’s head and you will be able to react faster. This will create opportunities to execute fast aim flicks when an enemy is peeking his head around the corner.

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Practicing your tap, burst and spray aim in CS2 is important as it allows you to familiarize yourself with all important aspects of the game faster.

Practice for CS2

Ready to become a pro?

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Why do these aim exercises work for this game?

These aim exercises work for CS2 due to the following:

1. They are the right activities for your initial aim practice in CS2. Priming you to create opportunities for quick aim flick shots thanks to quicker reaction time and correct crosshair placement would make a huge difference in this game together with enhanced weapon and spray control. Performing accurate aim flicks and positioning the crosshair quickly are decisive.

2. Making sure your aim-related skills are on point after following these tips is a good foundation for your journey to conquering the other important requirements of the gameplay.You may need a CS2 sens converter to figure out the best mouse sensitivity that you should start training with, especially if you want to achieve the same feel from Valorant or another game.

3. Repetition is key for learning and improving any type of skill, this is also true when it comes to improving your CS2 aiming skills. It’s a lot more beneficial to train every day for a short period of time than once a week for hours straight and this has everything to do with neuroplasticity.

As the brain creates new neurological connections for every skill we adapt, it’s the amount of neurons involved into those connections that will determine the level of skill.

Start playing now, it's free!

Train For CS2

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Bonus: CS2 tips and tricks that will help you fine-tune your aim!

Besides following the CS2 aim trainer tips and adhering to the CS2 aim guide you may also benefit from reading more about the best CS:GO Crosshairs which help in this game too. Get familiar with the new Clicking Fundamental Academy from 3D Aim Trainer which many players use to train their aim for CS2 and other top FPS games today!

Got Questions?

We hope this aim trainer guide was useful on how to improve in gameand if you have any questions, please join our Discord Community.

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CS2 Aim Training: How to Get Better at Aiming (2024)
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